Rewards of Giving.

Deutscher Engagementpreis (German Prize for Civic Engagement)

Prize winners 2013 I Image: Marc Darchinger

What are the aims of the German Prize for Civic Engagement?  

The German Prize for Civic Engagement aims at strengthening the recognition of citizen engagement in Germany, as well as increasing its visibility. Many millions of people are committed to helping others. More and more enterprises provide their staff with the opportunity to engage in specific initiatives and projects. This diversity is however not always directly visible to the public.  

In order to show how many people provide support in the most different of ways, the German Prize for Civic Engagement honours projects from the categories Third Sector Organisations, Personality, Business and Politics & Public administration on an annual basis. In 2014, the prize also has a focus category: Connecting Generations. The winners of the individual categories are determined by a top-class jury. A pre-selection of around 15 projects is then given over to an online voting, in which citizens themselves can decide on a winner of the Public Prize, the award of which includes prize money of Euro 10,000.  

Yet even people and projects, who do not win prizes, do not go away empty-handed: they profit from being nominated and taking part in the selection procedure. A nomination means that the people or organisations in question are already held in high esteem, something that can only be increased through positive public awareness.   

Alongside acknowledging existing engagement, the German Prize for Civic Engagement also aims at being an incentive for those looking to make the first step into civic engagement, but have not yet done so. Please take a look at our website to find out all you need to know about the competition process of the German Prize for Civic Engagement, as well valuable tips and addresses aimed at getting started in the world of voluntary engagement.

How the German Prize for Civic Engagement got started  

The German Prize for Civic Engagement was awarded for the first time in 2009 as part of the campaign “Geben gibt.” (Rewards of Giving). It grew from an initiative of several non-profit associations and organisations. The campaign introduced citizen engagement to the public domain; it fuelled discussion, nurtured motivation for voluntary engagement and paid tribute to people, organisations and companies that campaign for others through the German Prize for Civic Engagement.  

The campaign ran for two years. During this time, the German Prize for Civic Engagement established itself as a national honour for citizen engagement and has continued ever since as a stand-alone project.  

Who’s behind the German Prize for Civic Engagement?  

The German Prize for Civic Engagement is provided by the "Bündnis für Gemeinnützigkeit". The alliance is an affiliation of the main umbrella and independent organisations from the third sector, as well as experts and scientists.

The German Prize for Civic Engagement has been funded from the outset by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Generali Future Fund.  


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